What Men Secretly Want Review

What is What Men Secretly Want?

This is a new-age guide created by James Bauer which offers women effective and useful methods of attracting men quickly. The methods explained in the book tell women about different ways of opening up men’s mind and how they can change their own behaviour to become more attractive to men. The whole idea is to help women build closer relationships and increase their frequency of dating.

Upon its launch, this guide by James Bauer became an instant hit with women all over the world and has already received a large number of positive feedbacks from women who have tried and tested the methods explained in it.

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About James Bauer

What Men Secretly Want is easily the most important work created by James Bauer till date. He’s a well renowned talent relationship consultant. His expertise lies in working with both women and men in order to help them create and enjoy valuable romantic relationships. Most of the products created by him have been highly appreciated by readers throughout world.

What all is included in What Men Secretly Want?

This powerful program created by James Bauer is divided into six main parts.

Part one – The first part is an e-zine which can be accessed only by members. Anyone who signs up for the What Men Secretly Want program automatically gets registered for this e-zine.

Part two – This part features the main e-book, which is subdivided into nine modules. All readers of the book are strictly advised to complete these modules as the topics and concepts explained in it build on each other.Let’s look over these modules briefly now.

Module 1 – The single most powerful factor 

  • Difference which makes all the difference
  • “But I do not disrespect him”
  • “What can I do about it?”

Module 2 – Secret barometer for success2

  • Your man craves for your respect
  • How you appear affects his emotions
  • My man isn’t bothered so much about this respect stuff

Model 3 – Multiply his desire to enjoy a committed relationship

  • The important reasons behind men pulling away
  • What all you need to do whenever he tries to pull away
  • You deserve nothing but the best
  • How to put the important respect principle in day-to-day practice

Model 4 – How to stop appearing interesting and rather get interested?

  • Some important background knowledge
  • How to put theory into action
  • How to forget about appearing interesting
  • There’s no way that you can fake sincerity
  • What if….

Module 5 – How to get your guy to commit to the relationship? – increase your attraction and set some standards

  • The great news
  • This is the place where you stand
  • What if I end up scaring him away?
  • How to draw your man into the relationship
  • A fresh experience

Module 6 – Tricks of unlocking is emotions, thereby making him open up to you

  • Invite him, but never force him
  • Two important languages
  • What is it that you need?
  • The real story
  • The actual method

Module 7 – How can you meet quality men?

  • Places to meet quality men who are worth dating
  • Active ingredients for the love potion
  • Start by adding propinquity
  • Thereafter, get specific
  • The importance of getting extremely specific

Module 8 – Get to know your avatar

  • Ways of figuring out a quality venue
  • Tricks of creating your own quality venue

Model 9 – Situations and places you must avoid

Avoid large female friend groups

  • Appear approachable
  • Should you stay away from Internet dating sites?
  • How to find men summary
  • Is it the end? No way!
  •  Important bonuses

Part three and four – It is important to watch these parts only after you are through with the nine modules detailed above.

Part five – This part is actually the audio version of the main e-book. In addition, it is slightly shorter than the main e-book and touches only the most important and key points.

Part six – Worth $47, the Art of Intrigue e-book is provided to you completely free of cost

What Men Secretly Want pros

Following are some of the important pros of What Men Secretly Want program:

– The program can work wonders for women who face problems in attracting men. Following this program diligently, women can easily build closer and long-lasting relationships with men.

– Program has been specifically designed for women who wish to get a proper insight into their men. It provides them with the necessary tools to connect to their men.

– Detail workouts provided in the program are easy to understand and simple enough to follow.

– As the e-book is available in the audio format as well, you can use any version you want and learn at your own convenience

– There is plenty of additional information available to enhance your communication skills

  • What Men Secretly Want cons

– The program is meant only for women and has nothing for men
– Despite having some excellent information the program lacks support service

Where to buy What Men Secretly Want?

To get its complete version, it is important that you buy What Men Secretly Want program only from its official website.

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